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Fragility:Fleshly, 2013

PVA glue, acrylic paint, human hair, clothes pegs and wool with digitally altered video projection installation.

Fragility:Fleshly explores the limitations and impermanence of the physical body. While the fleshly form of the human body allows the conscious to function in a physical world, it is a delicate and impermanent form. The constantly aging body imposes physical limitations on the limitless conscious, which brings into question wether it is a vehicle that enables, or a prison that contains.
Inspired by the work of predominant female artists such as Ann Hamilton, Eva Hesse, Pat Brassington, Emiko Kasahara and Julie Rapp, Fragility:Fleshly reflects upon trends in female art. Employing domestic elements such as pegs and wool it presents an ascetic that plays on contrasts, balancing between comfort and distress, intrigue and repulsion. The fragile skin forms each hold unique qualities but produced on mass, are lost in repetition. This mass production and reputation is mirrored in the grid structure of the video work. Played on loop the work is constantly changing, while endlessly trapped in repetition.

Amalgamation, 2013

Pubertal, 2013